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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lane Kiffin a Perfect Fit for USC

The old saying goes, "Home is where the heart is."

Lane Kiffin proved just that Tuesday evening with the announcement of his fast-lane bolt out of Knoxville for Los Angeles.

The truth is, Kiffin is a perfect fit for USC—a university nestled in a town filled with movie stars and unnecessary drama.

Returning to California, a state where he attended Fresno State University, coached at USC as an offensive coordinator, and held the head coaching job for the Oakland Raiders, it's safe to say that Kiffin is now finally "back home."

In a drama filled one-year stint at the University of Tennessee, Kiffin's pretty boy image never really set well with the Volunteer faithful, and neither did his antics.

Most, if not all, of the spotlight the 34-year-old coach brought to Rocky Top was negative, as the country watched him violate recruiting rule after recruiting rule and even make the comment that he was proud of the attention he and the school were garnering.

Even rapper Lil Wayne inserted a lyric about Kiffin into one of his latest tracks on his new mix-tape No Ceilings , saying he would " (insert expletive) like Lane Kiffin."

Kiffin responded in a Twitter update that thanked the rapper for "boosting our street cred."

The bad-boy persona he brought to Tennessee also affected the Southeastern Conference.

The SEC, a conference accustomed to having older, proven coaches in place at its 12 member institutions, also dealt with the consequences of Kiffin's actions during the past year, as every headline that popped up outside the southeastern United States seemed to include something along the lines of, "More Drama in the SEC. What's next?"

It's easy to understand the pain Tennessee fans are feeling today after being betrayed.

But isn't that what actors and imposters do? Really, think about it.

Kiffin never had intentions on staying at Tennessee for a long-term period.

The Knoxville school was just a mere stepping stone for a man that will now live just a few blocks from Hollywood.

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