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Thursday, December 1, 2011

AHSAA Super Six Live: Class 3A Madison Academy vs. Handley

Looks like a great day for high school football in Tuscaloosa.

Madison Academy, from Madison, Ala., represents the north, while Handley, from Roanoke, Ala., represents the south.

By the looks of things, MadAcad should have a speed advantage, but Handley's a lot bigger.

UPDATE 1:36: Handley's Duran Zachary receives the Class 3A State Championship MVP award.

UPDATE 1:30: Final stats: Total yards Handley 268, Madison Academy 324. Rush yards Handley 268, Madison Academy 188. Pass yards Handley 0, Madison Academy 136. Third down conversions Handley 8-14, Madison Academy 3-10. Handley wins it 20-14.

UPDATE 1:28: Olive drops back on the final play, is pressured, throws off his back foot and the pass is caught at the endzone by Kerryon Johnson, but he is out of bounds. Game over. Handley wins the 2011 Class 3A State Championship 20-14. It's the school's first since 1955. Handley didn't lead until they went ahead with under a minute left.

UPDATE 1:27: Screen pass to Kerryon Johnson gets the ball down to the 13. 5 seconds to go, and MadAcad takes its final timeout. One play left here for the Mustangs to try to tie it. They're down 20-14.

UPDATE 1:26: With false start penalty, MadAcad drops back to the Handley 22.

UPDATE 1:26: On 2nd down, Madison Academy completes a long pass to the Handley 17. 1st and 10 now with 18 seconds left in the game.

UPDATE 1:24: Handley squib kicks it to the MadAcad 45, where the 'Stangs will take over, down 20-14 with 41 seconds left.

UPDATE 1:22: TOUCHDOWN TIGERS! What a thriller here today. A fullback belly play over the right guard gives Handley the lead now, 19-14, and it kicks the extra point to go up 20-14. ANOTHER questionable call by Mike Battles of Handley. Why not go for two there to give your team a 7-point lead? 42 seconds remain for MadAcad.

UPDATE 1:21: Aquarius Hunter gets down near the goalline on 2nd and Goal. It's 3rd and Goal now inside the 1-yard line. MadAcad coach Eric Cohu calls a timeout. MadAcad leads 14-13 with 45 seconds left.

UPDATE 1:20: DeJuan Berry takes it for another Handley 1st down. This time it's 1st and Goal at the MadAcad 9.

UPDATE 1:19: 2nd and 8, Aquarius Hunter takes it to the MadAcad 24. On 3rd down, Tigers pick up the 1st down to the MadAcad 19.

UPDATE 1:18: 1st down for Handley on three straight run plays. 2:43 left. Tigers at the MadAcad 30.

UPDATE 1:17: Onside kick is recovered by the Tigers' DeJuan Clark. If Handley wins this one should he get the game ball? 3:31 left. Handley ball, down 14-13.

UPDATE 1:16: Handley will onside kick it here.

UPDATE 1:14: MadAcad stops Handley's two-point conversion attempt. Still 14-13 'Stangs now with 3:53 to go in the game.

UPDATE 1:12: Duran Zachery rumbles up the middle, takes it 25 yards to the endzone for the Handley touchdown. It's 14-13 now. Another scratch-your-head move now by Handley. It uses its second timeout. The Tigers will go for it here.

UPDATE 1:11: Quay Hunter takes it four yards around the right end from the Wildcat to bring up 3rd and 6 for Handley.

UPDATE 1:10: Another questionable move by Handley coach Mike Battles concerning timeouts. He takes one after an incomplete pass on 1st down.

UPDATE 1:07: Olive's pass incomplete to bring up 4th down for MadAcad. The 'Stangs will punt from their own endzone. Handley returns it to the MadAcad 31-yard line.
4:37 left in this one, and the Tigers are still down 14-7.

UPDATE 1:07: MadAcad runs it two straight times for minimal gains. It's 3rd and 8 at the MadAcad 7.

UPDATE 1:04: Handley runs a toss to the left and is stopped just short of the 1st down. MadAcad takes over at its own 5 up 14-7 with 6:11 left in the 4th.

UPDATE 1:03: Handley picks up three yards on 3rd and 6. It's 4th and 3 now for Handley, and you know the Tigers will go for it here, down 14-7 with 6:18 left in the 4th.

UPDATE 1:01: 3rd and 6 coming up for Handley at the MadAcad 8.

UPDATE 1:00: Aquarius Hunter takes it over the right side on 3rd and 4 and picks up the first down to the MadAcad 14.

UPDATE 12:58: Another Handley first down to the MadAcad 25. 9 minutes left to play. MadAcad leads 14-7.

UPDATE 12:57: Handley finally turning it on with the ground game. Quay Hunter picks up another first down to the MadAcad 37.

UPDATE 12:55: Handley picks up a first down on the ground. Now the Tigers are driving. They're at their own 45. Note: MadAcad linebacker Taylor Ziak goes down with injury on the play.

UPDATE 12:52: MadAcad fakes the reverse, Hunter Olive keeps it and runs around left end but steps out short of the 1st down. Handley takes over now, down 14-7 at its own 35.

UPDATE 12:51: Coach Eric Cohu of Madison Academy takes a timeout. They've had success on 4th down today, but we'll see what happens in a moment.

UPDATE 12:50: 3rd and 3 for MadAcad, pass complete to Nick Haas over the left side, but it's out of bounds. 4th and 3 and MadAcad will go for it here.

UPDATE 12:47: We're heading to the 4th quarter. MadAcad leads Handley 14-7. 2nd and 13 coming up for MadAcad at the Handley 43 after a false start penalty on 1st down.

UPDATE 12:45: Play action pass by Hunter Olive complete to Nick Haas to the Handley 40 for another 1st down. 25 seconds left in 3rd.

UPDATE 12:44: MadAcad picks up a first down over its own 40. Driving now, 1:47 left in 3rd quarter. MadAcad up 14-7.

UPDATE 12:41: Another three and out for Handley. Not looking good for the Tigers. They punt again, down 14-7.

UPDATE 12:35: Lead run off left tackle to Kerryon Johnson, spins and takes off for 24 yards for the MadAcad touchdown. It's 14-7 Mustangs with 5:33 left in the 3rd.

UPDATE 12:34: 3rd and 1 now for MadAcad at the Handley 24.

UPDATE 12:33: MadAcad didn't have to go for it after all. An offsides penalty by Handley gives the 'Stangs a 1st down at the Handley 33.

UPDATE 12:31: Kerryon Johnson takes it up the middle. He's just short of the first down, and the chains came out and said so. MadAcad will go for it on 4th and short at the Handley 38. We're still tied at 7 with 7:32 left in the 3rd.

UPDATE 12:30: Hunter Olive pass complete to Marcus Sease to the Handley 40. 3rd and 3.

UPDATE 12:29: Kyle Jackson takes it up the middle on 2nd and 13, bounces to the right side and runs 40 yards to the Handley 47. 1st and 10 for the 'Stangs.

UPDATE 12:27: Not a good start for MadAcad on offense to start the second half, either. False start on Marcus Sease puts the ball at the MadAcad 9. 1st and 15.

UPDATE 12:25: Handley goes three and out. Will punt from its own 45. Good punt sends MadAcad's Kerryon Johnson all the way back to his own 14, where he'll fair catch it.

UPDATE 12:23: The second half is underway. Handley's Aquarius Hunter returns the opening kick outside the Handley 35.

UPDATE 12:08: Time of possession is about as close as you can get. Handley's had it for 12:05. MadAcad's had the ball for 11:55. Both teams have one turnover. They were both inside the final minute of the first half.

UPDATE 12:07: Some halftime statistics: Total Yards Handley 108, MadAcad 142. Rush yards Handley 108, MadAcad 89. Pass yards Handley 0, MadAcad 53.

UPDATE 11:59: Handley downs the ball to take it to the half. We're tied at 7 at halftime. Crazy finish to the first half. You have to question why Handley didn't use any of its timeouts on its potential scoring drive there near the end. Some stats coming soon.

UPDATE 11:58: Hunter Olive passes deep downfield to Nicholas Haas. It's complete to set up a 1st and Goal with 5 seconds left, but Haas fumbles. Handley recovers.

UPDATE 11:57: Just the third pass of the day for the Tigers is intercepted by none other than Kerryon Johnson for the Mustangs. He runs it back to the Handley 40. We're at 39 seconds.

UPDATE 11:55: Handley still has all three timeouts left, but we're under 60 seconds and the clock is still ticking.

UPDATE 11:55: Handley has a 1st down to their own 47. The ground and pound game might not enable them to score before the half. We're inside 2 minutes now.

UPDATE 11:53: Hunter Olive drops back to pass, can't find anyone, dances around and is sacked. Handley takes over at their own 29 with 3:14 left in the 2nd quarter. We're still tied at 7.

UPDATE 11:52: MadAcad slant pass incomplete over the left side. Brings up 4th and 7 at the Handley 29. They'll go for it.

UPDATE 11:51: 3rd and 7 for MadAcad at the Handley 29.

UPDATE 11:50: Marcus Sease takes the handoff for MadAcad over the left side, rumbles 39 yards for a 1st down to the Handley 35. It took three Tigers to take him down, by the way.

UPDATE 11:49: Rekick turns out in Handley's favor. Ball bounces inside MadAcad 20. 1st and 10 for the 'Stangs.

UPDATE 11:47: We have a kick catch interference on Handley. The Tigers will punt again.

UPDATE 11:45: It worked earlier, but fullback dive comes up short this time. Handley sends on punt team with 5:30 left in 2nd. We're still tied at 7.

UPDATE 11:45: 3rd and 4 or 5 for Handley near midfield. They need the MadAcad 47 to convert.

UPDATE 11:44: Handley goes deep down field but pass is incomplete. However, a flag was thrown on MadAcad for pass interference. Brings up 1st and 10 for Tigers at own 46.

UPDATE 11:39: MadAcad's Hunter Olive sacked for a 10-yard loss on 3rd and 6. Mustangs will punt. We're still tied 7-7 with 8:30 left in the 2nd.

UPDATE 11:38: Madison Academy's scoring drive on its first possession went 12 plays; Handley's tying drive went 11.

UPDATE 11:36: Handley goes to Duran Zachary up the middle for a 2-yard touchdown run. We're tied at 7 with 10:22 left in the 2nd.

UPDATE 11:34: 3rd and 6 for the Tigers at the MadAcad 8. Toss sweep to the left gives Handley a 1st and Goal at the 2.

UPDATE 11:31: Handley goes to the fullback, bursts through for a huge first down to end first quarter. MadAcad still up 7-0.

UPDATE 11:30: Handley pass incomplete; MadAcad quarterback/safety Hunter Olive jarred the ball loose. Brings up 4th and 4 for Handley with one second left in the first quarter.

UPDATE 11:29: Handley driving down the field at the MadAcad 30. 3rd and 4.

UPDATE 11:26: MadAcad held to three and out; they'll punt. Still up 7-0.

UPDATE 11:23: Handley held to three and out after a critical holding on the Tigers' first drive. Punting back to MadAcad.

UPDATE 11:15: MadAcad got the ball first and marched down the field on a 12-play drive capped off by an 11-yard toss sweep run by freshman Kerryon Johnson. 'Stangs up 7-0.

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